12 Car Rallies: Teamwork makes the dream work

A 12 Car Rally is grassroots motorsport at its finest, and like traditional rally combines the skill of driving and navigation against a clock. We’ve spoken with Jace Shawley from Basingstoke Motor Club to give StreetCar subscribers a short overview on why they might want to have a go at a 12 car, and the challenges they might face.

The specifics of 12 Cars vary from club to club, however they are more or less follow a similar format which is two elements; navigation and driving. Both components work in tandem to lose as little time as possible between each ‘control’, a series of time checkpoints along the course. Jace explains, “It’s about teamwork between the driver and codriver, and provides a base from which competitors can progress to 20/20, Targa and even Stage Rallies, should they wish.”

Jace continues “When you get everything working smoothly together, then seeing your team improve between each time control is a hugely rewarding experience. A big part is the driver understanding that they’re not the boss! The couples we get in our cars often include Parent/Child teams, where the child can learn the basics and then have a go at driving when they reach the minimum required age”

For complete beginners new to both navigation and driving, this type of event can be intimidating. Basingstoke MC have this covered, however “Any novices get a marked map on their first couple of goes, or, we have an experienced navigator/driver join them on their first event, if they wish. Then when they understand the basics, they are given the chance to have a go with their own team.”

If 12 Car Rallies is something that might interest you and a family member or friend get in touch with one of our StreetCar clubs. You can take part in almost any roadworthy vehicle so long as its taxed, insured as has a valid MOT. Read more about 12 Car Rallies here.

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