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This year Motorsport UK will host a first of its kind event at the Motorsport UK Bicester HQ. The StreetCar Festival is set to be a fun and competitive day of motorsport for all, and a perfect opportunity to experience StreetCar for the very first time.

What to expect

The StreetCar festival will provide first-hand experiences of many of the different aspects of StreetCar.

The Clubs

There will be a number of StreetCar Clubs attending the event, providing a warm welcome and talking through the activities they run and how to get involved.


A unique opportunity to experience the different types of disciplines you can compete in under StreetCar.


Competitive Autotest

This competitive aspect of the StreetCar festival is made for those seasoned Autotest competitors. Guaranteed to be a spectacle for all those in attendance, this event will bring some of the best Club Autotesters to battle it out in their standard road cars, to be named the StreetCar Festival Autotest champion.

AutoSOLO Taster

An AutoSOLO taster will be set up to allow newcomers the opportunity to give it a go in their standard road cars in a non competitive environment. This event will take place separate to the competitive Autotest. Entry fee for this event is only £5 and each participant will have three runs.


Touring Assembly

The touring assembly will set off from Motorsport UK headquarters at Bicester Heritage and show off a number of fantastic different classic and interesting cars. The route will drive through a loop of the scenic Oxfordshire roads before finishing back at the StreetCar Festival. If you have a beloved car you’d like to show off, this is the event for you.

Stay tuned, more events coming soon

Pride of Ownership

All cars that arrive on site throughout the day will be judged against a number of different criteria e.g. dirtiest rally car.


For entry to the Bicester Heritage Site you will need to purchase a general admission ticket. If you would like to participate in any of the additional competitions, you will need to purchase a general admission ticket along with the add on you would like to compete in.  



General Admission


Add Ons


AutoSOLO Taster


Touring Assembly £20

Tickets for this event are very limited, so make sure to get them quickly. Click here to purchase your tickets.

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