What is an Autotest?

The eponymous competition in this category, an Autotest is a low-speed, challenging test of precision car control against the clock. Taking place on tarmac or grass areas, often car parks or flat fields, courses are marked out by plastic cones or pylons, and are generally completed in first and reverse gears. Often, an Autotest will include skills like handbrake or J-turns.

Participants tackle a number of timed tests, which they must memorise beforehand, and have a number of attempts at each. Five second penalties are incurred for hitting cones, or for failing to stop at a line. A more severe penalty is given for taking the wrong route. The winner is the driver with the lowest accumulated time.

You can take part in an Autotest in an everyday road car, and cars can be shared, or ‘double driven’. Your closest competitor would then be the person in the same car as you.

How to take part in an Autotest

There are a number of clubs across the UK organising regular Autotest events that are open to newcomers. Events are run by local volunteers, with rules and regulations determined by Motorsport UK, the governing body, to provide safe, fair and fun competition.

To find a club or an event near you, or to volunteer to support your local Autotests, register here and a member of our team will be in touch to match you with a StreetCar-accredited club.


For an Autotest, no special equipment or training is needed. Any standard car that is taxed and has a valid MOT is eligible for these competitions – two-wheel drive, four-wheel drive, a small hatchback, or even an estate car. It doesn’t matter what you drive, it matters how precisely you drive it!

You do not need a driving licence, provided someone else is driving the car to and from the event.

You will need:

  • A Club membership
  • Any car with a valid MOT, taxed and insured for road use
  • Your entry fee
  • An RS Clubman Licence from Motorsport UK
  • Optional: A pump or compressor, along with an accurate tyre gauge

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