A matter of milliseconds!

StreetCar fosters exhilarating competition across the UK every week, and in some cases, competitors can be separated by a matter of milliseconds! Another gem of a story to come out of the Cannock & District Car Club Community is one that highlights a long standing feud between two experienced and determined competitors!

Nik & Chris Cowles have been competing against each other for years, however, at the Cannock & District Car Club Easterbunny AutoSOLO they’re competition reached the closest it’s ever been!

To ensure a level playing field, these two drivers often compete in the same MINI Cooper S. Watch on and try to spot the difference in these two separate runs at their most recent AutoSOLO.

View Chris’ run here:

View Niks’ run here:

If you’re struggling to find a difference, you’re right! Giving it everything in this run, they both achieved exactly the same time! With nothing separating the pair, they look forward to the next Cannock & District Car Club AutoSOLO to settle the dispute.

This fantastic footage has provided both drivers with a greater understanding of where they make up time and where they may be losing it, giving more of a chance to make improvements. Nik Cowles commented “Chris gets much better top end in the fast sections, whereas I seem to be quicker in the more technical parts”. Where winning and losing comes down to a matter of milliseconds, the minute details are critical!

With the pressure building to a very exciting 2024 AutoSOLO season, make sure you keep an eye on these two competitors! Or find out how you can start competing here.

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