A StreetCar first timer

Have you wondered what it’s really like to experience a StreetCar event for the first time? Follow Kareena, as we give you an insiders perspective of the excitement behind visiting your first Autotest.

On Saturday the 27th of April Kareena was lucky enough to attend the Staffs StreetCar Autotest at Wolverhampton & South Staffordshire Car Club (WSSCC). Arriving at the event, an initially tentative Kareena was met with a warm vibrant community and quickly settled in to enjoy the excitement of StreetCar.

To give Kareena the full StreetCar experience, a seasoned veteran of the WSSCC kindly offered to take her on a passenger ride, so she could witness first-hand the exhilarating feeling of a PCA. With adrenaline coursing through her veins, Kareena acclaimed “I was absolutely buzzing off adrenaline… I’m hooked and want to be a passenger again”

The StreetCar campaign was created for moments like this: creating an accessible entry level point for newcomers to feel welcomed into the thrill of motorsport. Kareena summed up her experience by saying: “not only is it really fun, but I love the accessibility and community part of it… the community were so friendly there and really easy to talk to”.

Kareena perfectly captured the feeling of StreetCar and emphasized the role that the welcoming StreetCar Clubs play in providing a starting point for all those with a love of motorsport. Take a first person look as Kareena walks you through a novices experience of StreetCar: 

After her first event, it’s fairly safe to say that Kareena is hooked. If you fancy catching the StreetCar bug, get your motorsport journey underway by filling in the ‘get started’ form, here.

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