Club Together – Bournemouth and District Car Club

Club Together aims to give a spotlight to our fantastic StreetCar Clubs and all the work they put into welcoming newcomers into our sport. Therefore, we must draw your attention to Bournemouth & District Car Club (BDCC) in the South of England that displays an incredibly welcoming and active community. BDCC are constantly looking to expand their membership, and do so by providing a perfect platform for any novices looking to dive into StreetCar competition.

The Club are largely family based and value youth in their community, with young drivers continually being introduced to StreetCar through their families. A representative of the Club stated “The young people getting involved now, will be running the Club in the future.”, showing the forward-thinking perspective that our StreetCar Clubs hold.

BDCC host a large calendar of events including 10 Production Car Autotests among many other disciplines, always leading to intense and hard fought competition. When they’re not battling it out on the tarmac, the Club organises monthly social events throughout the season, keeping the community together all year round.

Earlier in the year, our StreetCar MINI had the pleasure of traveling down to Bournemouth for the Valentines Day Slalom, witnessing first-hand the values of our StreetCar Clubs. This event revealed the gripping contest that takes place at every event and the friendly club members that are more than welcoming to anyone who wishes to join. Whether you’re a novice looking to get started, or just someone who loves being part of a buzzing community, find out more about how you can get involved here.

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