Club Together – Buchan Off Road Drivers Club

Have you ever considered testing the limits of your trusty 4×4? With Cross Country as the focus for this month’s newsletter, StreetCar will show you just how easy it is to get involved! 

To celebrate the first month of a promising year, we draw your attention to the Buchan Off Road Drivers Club for our Club Together segment. 

Based out of North East Scotland, the BORDC have created a community that embodies what it means to be a StreetCar club, welcoming all those with a love for Off Road Motorsport. 

If you are a novice driver looking to bring your trusted StreetCar and give it an Off Road experience of a lifetime, Buchan hold fantastic Tyro Trials to gently introduce you to the exciting world of Cross Country Motorsport.

The BORDC community also offer the likes of; Road Taxed Vehicle Trials, Orienteering, or Cross Country Vehicle Trials (CCVT).

With great things coming to the Buchan Off Road Drivers Club, it’s not too late to put a Cross Country Trial in as your New Year’s Resolution! So, make sure you are up to date via their website here.

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