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Club Together – Saltire Rally Club

A rally driver cannot operate without a navigator next to them and that is why a good navigator is worth their weight in gold.

It is therefore fitting that for this month’s Club Together we travel up to Scotland to draw your attention to Saltire Rally Club, a renowned rallying Club who know the true value of navigators.

Saltire have a great reputation for their rallying expertise and a brilliant outlook on providing a great starting point for newcomers to get involved. They have seen huge success in encouraging newcomers into the sport by hosting a Production Car Autotest taster event earlier in the year. The event welcomed 12 new entrants to have their first go at competing in StreetCar. With the ages ranging from 14 to 18, this event provided a fantastic opportunity to welcome a new crop of grassroots motorsport enthusiasts to StreetCar.

Aside from running taster events, they show their forward thinking culture by providing free Club membership to anyone under the age of 18 in order to encourage youth into their Club.

The Club will be hosting a number of events throughout the summer including a treasure hunt, PCA and a touring assembly. So if you’re looking to get involved with a Motor Club that values both their social community and competition, make sure to get down to an event soon! Find out more about the events Saltire Rally Club will be hosting here.

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