Club Together – Wigton Motor Club

This month we travel back in time to shine the limelight to our beloved Classic Cars. For our Club Together piece, let me tell you about a thriving Motor Club in the North West.

Founded in 1923, Wigton Motor Club boast a fantastic set of Classic Cars within StreetCar. They show their love for the community through many channels, for example, to encourage young motorsport enthusiasts they even offer a free membership for under 25s.

Lei, a dedicated member of Wigton Motor Club has provided us with great insight into just how welcoming the community are. Wigton have facilitated lifelong friendships in their community, with Lei making “a lot of very good friends” at the club and even committing to purchasing a 1957 Standard 8 with a fellow club member.

Wigton exemplify what it means to be a StreetCar club through their welcoming of novices. Lei has gone from being a newcomer in 2022, to the Club Safeguarding Officer and even planning his first event as Deputy Chief Marshal.

Wigton offer many perfect events for those just getting started, including 12 cars and Autotests. Their appreciation for amateurs in the sport is shown as after his first full season in 2022, Lei was invited to their awards night, walking away with both Best Newcomer and RWD Autotest champion, presented by none other than Sir Malcolm Wilson. Lei stated it shows, “how much enthusiasm the people at the top of the sport have for encouraging those of us just starting”.

If you’d love to begin your StreetCar motorsport experience, Wigton would be a great place to get started! All are welcome to join them at their upcoming Cars & Coffee event on the 10th of March.

Wigton Motor Club
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