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Coventry MotoFest

As 200,000 motorsport fanatics travelled to Coventry for the much anticipated MotoFest, a StreetCar event geared up to entertain the masses. On Saturday the 1st of June, large crowds swarmed to get a glimpse of what they came to discover was a StreetCar AutoSOLO. With the pressure building, the Loughborough Car Club competitors knew they had to put on a show, and they did not disappoint.

This event gave StreetCar the opportunity to show that you don’t need to be an expert to get involved in the competition, and we had a great example to show just that…

Tejvir Panesar was a regular in attendance at MotoFest, however this year, he decided that he would take this chance to give StreetCar a go. Having to satisfy the crowd’s thirst for motorsport was no easy feat for a first timer, however Tejvir rose to the occasion and displayed an astonishing amount of progression throughout the day. Tejvir found himself spurred on by the roar of the crowd and continued to improve his times, as he mentioned “run by run I was increasing my pace and commitment, taking the turns at speed and developing new skills throughout the day”. Watch on to see Tejvir’s first experience of StreetCar competition:

Tejvir summed up his experience by saying “Being a StreetCar event, I didn’t need a special licence to compete, or any modifications to my car. Driving my own everyday car to the AutoSOLO meant it was affordable, while still being very fun.”

We now switch focus to someone at a different point in their motorsport journey. Leo Dugal was brought up into motorsport, he would be taken on passenger rides at a young age and started competing at age 14 “as soon as I could”. Being behind the wheel of a car is second nature to Leo, and it showed. Leo’s car control has developed far beyond his years and these skills were on display for all to see at MotoFest. Watch on to see Leo in action:

Leo brought his 1999 1.8 MX5 in racing green and the crowd present appreciated that he did. Leo was not holding back, throwing the car round corners, occasionally taking cones out in his pursuit of that motorsport thrill. However, an AutoSOLO is judged on your fastest run, and despite only going for ‘fun’, Leo ended up achieving first in his class!

When asked why he entered the AutoSOLO, Leo stated “to have some time out from studying and to have some fun. That goal was definitely achieved…”

Seeing the smiles beaming on the faces of both the crowd and the competitors just reinforced how exciting StreetCar is. Want to get a piece of the action? Fill in your ‘get started’ form here.

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