Share a special motorsport experience this Christmas

They say a problem shared is a problem halved. And by a similar token a pleasure shared is a pleasure doubled.

Should you still be searching for the ultimate Christmas group experience, what could be more exciting and enjoyable than sharing the exhilaration of a motorsport event where you get the undiluted pleasure of competing alongside a family member or a nearest and dearest friend.

Membership of a local motor club opens a wealth of fun-packed opportunities on four-wheels, many of which can be entered for minimum cost and in your everyday run-around car.

Motorsport UK’s much admired StreetCar initiative outlines many of these which include both Targa and 12 Car Navigational Rallies, as well as Car Trials.

Increasingly popular Targa Rallies generally take place on private land and see drivers and navigators driving around a predefined route in the quickest possible time. Family members and those from more adventurous friendship groups are regular competitors and, adding to the thrills, many events let crews swap seats – thus both you and the lucky recipient of your ingenious gift get a go at driving and navigating. Either way, teamwork is key to success. For more information, click here.

Entry into a 12 Car Navigational Rally is another option and once again you don’t need any special equipment or a competition car to join in – indeed the latter are not permitted. They take place on public roads – often in winter months under the cloak of darkness – with speeds rarely exceeding 30mph. Crews have to plot a route through check points in a prescribed order and at particular times. The name of the game is affordable, safe, fair and fun competition. Here’s the link to find out more.

Car Trials involve taking your car to scale challenging terrain, with hills, mud and other obstacles. The aim is to successfully complete the course without stopping. Speeds are low, there is no time limit and again the emphasis is on good teamwork, with drivers and passengers plotting routes together that offer the most traction. Car Trials are never less than entertaining – you can find more here.

But don’t forget the younger members of the family either – anyone above the age of 14 can compete in an AutoSOLO, allowing even the youngest to get the full experience of car control. You can find out more here.

Three perfect Christmas gifts for any car lover with a competitive streak and, most importantly, a sense of fun! Entries into any such high-octane activity would make a far more memorable Christmas gift than a pair of cheesy Santa socks…

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